Canine Wellness Plans

Dogs age much faster than we do.  So even if your dog looks healthy,  problems could be hiding undetected!  Regular preventative care is vital for your dog’s health and can add years to his life.

The Essential Wellness Package includes basic prevention items including physical exams, recommended vaccines and baseline blood testing.  This package is ideal for young adult canines.

The Premium Wellness Package builds on the Essential Package by adding an Anesthetic Dental Cleaning and full bloodwork panel with a urinalysis and thyroid test.  This package is ideal for dogs over 3 years and those in need of dental cleaning.

The Comprehensive Wellness Package was designed with geriatric (7 years or older) or sick patients in mind.  It includes all services from the Premium Package and adds an Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Diagnostic Digital Radiographs.

These packages start at $299.00 and reflect a 25%-35% discount on services.

We also offer a 5% cash discount on all Wellness Plans.  Please contact Pine Country Animal Clinic for further information on pricing and payment options.

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